New 2009 Chevrolet Camaro Interior Pictures, Now With More Motion Blur!

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Despite "Maximum" Bob Lutz pulling the skirt up and over the head of the exterior of the new Camaro, we've yet to see any official shots of the interior. And that last set of interior spy photos of the 2009 Chevy Camaro we saw were — how shall we say this — a bit tarp-covered? While this new set of the new mullet-mobile from down under is lacking in camouflage and plastic sheeting, it more than makes up for it in Cloverfield-like motion blur. Note to camera phone owners — please stand perfectly still when taking shots. Trust us, it helps. But even bearing in mind the fuzzy-wuzzy nature of the shots — these shots do get us a little more up-close and personal with the new muscle car from the General's budget-brand. We can clearly see the four indicator gauges on the center stack — one each for "torque," battery voltage, oil pressure and oil temperature. While we know this is still a pre-production interior and we're hoping the General will be updating much of the materials we see being used (as well as those stock Holden seats), we believe this is the final direction for the overall interior layout. Given that, we have to admit the instrument cluster looks mighty scary to us — like some kind of alien beast staring out from the dashboard. True this alien beast seems to have a steering wheel with the new Camaro logo for a mouth, but who are we to judge, right? (Big tip of the hat to Marcin!)

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

@Beelzebubba: Oh man, that gauge would be awesome.

@camp6ell: Go right on ahead. The CTS is the most outstanding of them all. Check out the Malibu, check out the Tahoe. Get it on with the Enclave, then the STS for a double whammy, what ever. Besides the economy cars, GM produces good quality interiors now days.

I am more then willing to bet that the attention to detail and quality being put into GM's cars now a will be well placed in the Camaro.

I for one, love the CTS (Almost became the Cat Terminating Sedan when a cat ran out into the road while driving it..). The best Cadillac we have had in around 30 years.

Cannot wait til' I get a ride in the CTS-V, fo sho yo.