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Nevermind An Apartment Or Condo In New York, For $250K We'll Just Buy A Parking Space

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Sure, you could play the parking game and try to find yourself an alt-side parking spot on the Upper East Side, or you could drop the couple of grand necessary for a parking spot in a rat-infested plebeian public underground garage. But if you really want your own little spot of land to park your ride, you'll have to pony up some serious bank in the big red n' delicious.


But it all depends on what borough you're in, and in the case of Manhattan, where in that borough you're looking to buy. Today's New York Times tells us of a new 34-unit condo development scheduled for completion in January on West 17th Street — with a total of five spots. Going price on the five wait-listed spots is a quarter of a million dollars. In Brooklyn, we're told it'll cost ya $125,000 at one new development. If you're looking for a bargain, head on over to Harlem — you can snag one there for the basement price of just $50,000. Jeez. I thought it was bad I could only use quarters to park if I were driving to a restaurant in Ferndale, MI. Who knew?

For Parking Space, the Price Is Right at $225,000 [NYT]

[Photo Credit: bunchofpants]

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The article focuses on a over-priveleged bitch who lives in the suburbs but has a place in the city for when her shitty kids "model". The only reason she is complaining is because she won't walk a few blocks in the big bad city. She shoulda just asked her husband for the money and bought the parking spot in the first place.