Nestt Futuristic Car Seat Design Makes Us Shed A Tear

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There's something about a good bucket-seat. You know, the kind that fit you just right, look sexy, and make you feel at one with the machine. On the other hand, Nestt's version of the bucket isn't sexy—at all. And I'm not sure that it would fit anyone right enough to make them feel at one with their ride. Nevertheless, there's ambition here: Nestt says it wants to make it the best car seat in the world. There were many factors that lead to the egg-shaped design, including an air-suspension system, breathable material, memory foam and retractable seatbelts. But somehow I'm not totally buying it.

Sure, it copes with a parent's struggle to get a child seated, and it also supposedly provides a unique aesthetic to compliment the a futuristic car interior. But quit pep-talking yourself, Nestt. You're an egg! An egg that I'm expected to sit in when driving. Negative, Batman. [Tuvie]

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Is this the car seat that was on American Inventor a couple of years back? Invented by the father of a kid killed in a car accident or something? I thought that was what the headline was alluding to.