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Lexus schmexus! The real news in Needless Markups' annual Christmas Book is that they're offering up limited slots to buy yourself or someone you love a M400 Skycar including the prototype. We know we've been slacking on the flying car news, and for that Denton has lashed us to the oars and forced us to row him back and forth across the Delaware River as he makes like Washington (he's even got a custom wooden grill gold teeth are so 2003, after all) until somebody came to our rescue. And that rescuer is our old friend CTE. CTE, if we were Denton instead of us, we'd buy you a Skycar for Christmas on the condition that you don't drive it like your Focus, pal.


Gas prices high? Try an eco-friendly, $3.5 mln Skycar [Reuters]

The Moller Skycar: Forty Years and $70 Million Later, a Flying Car [Internal]

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