Neiman Marcus Edition BMW 7-Series Can Be Yours For Just $160,000

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Christmas may be months away, but Neiman Marcus has just released their holiday shopping catalog — which, of course, means an overpriced limited-edition luxury car has also been revealed. Following on the heels of last year's Lexus IS F and 2006's 2007 BMW M6 Convertible, this year they'll be offering up the new 2009 BMW 7-Series. Oh joy. Just 31 examples will receive the NM treatment of Champagne Merino leather, Alcantara headliner, and Diopside Black paint. Really though, is there any other way to celebrate the holidays besides buying a $160,000 status symbol? Full catalog description after the jump.

NM Limited-Edition 2009 BMW® Individual 7 Series Sedan With complete freedom, designers and engineers create truly liberating driving experiences. That's exactly what happened with the all-new BMW flagship 7 Series. Looking for the ultimate in innovation, exhilaration, and luxury? We've got the sedan for you. The all-new BMW 7 Series has an '09 launch date, but you can own an incredibly rare edition of this Ultimate Driving Machine®: Our NM limited-edition 2009 BMW Individual 7 Series Sedan. Our exclusive NM cars have a history of selling out in minutes. Literally. To commemorate 31 years of the 7 Series in the USA, we've got just 31 available for purchase. So here's the deal. The machine (that you will crave uncontrollably): A totally new 4.4 liter V-8 engine with twin turbo and high-precision direct injection that generates 400 horse power and can crank out 450 lb.-ft. of torque. An all-new suspension design that delivers unmatched handling, Dynamic Damping Control, Active Roll Stabilization, and all-new Integral Active Steering. Legendary BMW luxury including 20-way heated and ventilated front seats, premium sound system and entertainment server. Superior navigation with Real Time Traffic, voice activation, and Head-Up Display. Improved safety features with a more rigid chassis, run-flat tires, rear- and side-view cameras, active blind-spot detection system, and all-new Night Vision to detect pedestrians. The NM luxe treatment (that only yours will have): This amazing machine has the absolute most premium amenities available on a BMW. The inside is furnished with our exquisite Champagne Merino leather and Alcantara® headliner. The outside finish: our exclusive, 31-autos-only iridescent Diopside Black; 19" alloy wheels; and illuminated Neiman Marcus entry sills. The deal sealer (as if you needed one): A once-in-a-lifetime European adventure to meet your new BMW and the engineers and designers who helped create it. Our exclusive trip includes two business-class tickets on Lufthansa® from New York, gourmet meals, luxury hotel for four nights including Munich and the French Riviera, and rare insider access to BMW. The adventure is scheduled for April 2009, so there's plenty of time to clear your calendar. The details (to get in on the best automotive experience of your life): Visit to learn more, then get ready to place your order by calling 1-866-303-2696 beginning at noon EDT on October 16, 2008. And start brushing up on your German.

[Neiman Marcus]

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How fashionable, gross conspicuous consumption during truly mean times; can one pay for it with Lehman Bros stock certificates?