The company Neil Young founded to create his hybrid electric 1959 Lincoln Continental is being sued for property damage that occurred when the car set itself on fire in 2010. Unigard Insurance Co. is suing Lincvolt LLC. because they believe the company's conversion of the vintage Lincoln into a Hybrid was a negligent act.

"The altering of a gas-powered 1959 vehicle and its components is an extreme departure from what a reasonably careful person would do," according to the suit filed by Uniguard Insurance Co. We sincerely hope we never find ourselves in a scenario where an insurance company is deciding which of our automotive decisions are "reasonably careful".

When the fire occurred in 2010—a result of a problem with the LincVolt's charging system—it charred the LincVolt and did $482,000 worth of damage to the warehouse it was stored in and the building next to it. Uniguard is seeking the money it paid out to the building's owner.


The LincVolt itself is in the process of being rebuilt by Brizio Hot Rods where the car was undergoing driving tests last week, presumably with a charging system that doesn't lead to three alarm fires. We wish Young the best of luck fighting for the right to modify his Lincoln in an unreasonable manner without legal repercussions.

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(Top photo credit:, Fire photo credit: Noah Berger, AP)
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