Need For Speed In Real Life Part Two: More Cars, More Racing

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Screenshot: Владислав Чекунов (YouTube)

A few months ago, I lost my mind over a very fun, in-real-life Need for Speed video. It was only a minute long, but the joy sustained me for quite a while. Now, Part Two is out and it’s nearly five minutes long! You guys.

Владислав Чекунов is back again with a second upload, this one seemingly taking place right after the race in the blue Toyota Celica. With that race won, your new car is unlocked—and it’s the Supra.


With no time to waste on mods, you jump right into the Supra and take it out onto the darkened roads, finding more races along the way. The production this time around is improved; there are flashes of race maps, race progress and even a cut scene.

Part Two is just as fun and creative as Part One, however I must say if you’re watching this at home and getting ideas, please don’t have your friends drive in the opposite lane all for the shot, as the cars appear to do in this video. It’s not safe and it’s illegal.

But beside that, definitely check out the new video. That Supra isn’t the only treat.

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So good.  Especially impressed with him flipping through the wheel/color options on the R34.  Now just needs Riders on the Storm on in the background.