Nearly 10 Minutes Of Citroën DS3 Rally Hoonage Is A Great Way To Spend Easter Morning

Happy Easter, Jalops! If you've got about 10 minutes to kill while you're waiting for the kids to finish their egg hunts, getting ready for church or just trying to ease that hangover from last night, why not indulge in some rallying goodness?

Here's a video of WRC driver Khalid Al Qassimi and co-driver Scott Martin putting their Citroën DS3 through some rigorous testing before the Rally Portugal that's going down in a few weeks. I've always thought the DS3 was a hot-looking little car, and it looks even better when it's flinging dirt all over the place.

There are far worse ways to spend your morning.

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Nortad doesnt care what u think

I cant go to the Rally of Portugal... I gotta work... Oh God, why arent I unemployed!!