Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond is catching grief for sending a Snapchat from the driver's seat of his Mercedes-Benz on Michigan's I-75, with his speedometer at 96 MPH and the "buckle your seatbelt" light on.

Yeah, still not a great idea to post pictures of yourself breaking the law. That goes double for those of you who are already famous and actually have followers on social media who will put that shit on Reddit:

MLive has Drummon saying; "I own up to it. It's a silly mistake. Just got to move forward from it. It won't happen again. That's really it."

The Detroit Free Press says Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy responded by telling Drummon; "I know you're young and you think you're indestructible, but for the people that care about you, it's scary as hell."

Haven't heard from the Michigan State Police regarding whether they'll go after Mr. Drummon on this. Obviously the speed is excessive but "Michigan does not have a law specifically prohibiting cell phone use in a vehicle," though there are local rules against it.


Image via AP, Snapchat via Reddit