Naughty Or Fairlady? 2008 Nismo Z 380RS-Competition Goes On Sale

You may have a yearning for extreme Japanese weekend racers, but the real question is: do you have the Yen? Specifically, do you have 28.4 million Yen? That's what the 2008 Nismo Fairlady Z 380RS-Competition race-ready is going to set you back. For all that change, equivalent to $285K, you get a stripped-down Z with the 3.8-Liter VQ35HR V6, good enough for 395 HP and 311 lb/ft of torque. Because they're nice folks, they'll also throw in a close-ratio 6-speed gearbox, mechanical LSD, roll cage, fire extinguisher and a wing big enough to double as a twin bed.

And no racer would be complete without some sort of carbon fiber, so that's been thrown in as well. If you've got a quarter-mil just sitting around and don't feel like taking the time to build your own we say go for it. [Nismo via Japanese Performance Car News]


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