NASCAR Trucks Deliver The Most Gargantuan Pile-Up Of 2015

Here's some carnage that was as wide as the track at Daytona. Holy crap. Twelve trucks. Twelve. Only so little space. Holy crapballs. It's a track-wide wall of bent truck metal and sparks.

At last night's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series NextEra Energy Resources 250, the #11 truck of Ben Kennedy almost came to a standstill, causing trucks behind him to over-slow and pile everybody up. And by "everybody," we mean everybody except the handful of dudes up in front.



This caused the third caution of the race.

Let us count the things we're thankful for this week:

1. Competent cage builders

2. Really safe truck design

3. Attentive flaggers

4. No, really, cage builders. Thank you, cage builders.

5. Really responsive fire and rescue teams


Dude, they even used their hands to fight fires for this race. Daytona's fire teams don't mess around.

This was the season opener for the Camping World Truck Series, and Tyler Reddick pulled off the year's first win with some drafting and blocking help from his teammate. The top five trucks were able to drive on ahead of the carnage. Reddick drives for Brad Keselowski's team, which gave Keselowski his first win as a team owner.

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I really don't see how even the most rabid of fans can call this racing. Drivers have zero impact on what happens when one of the chumps in front on them fucks up. Teams have zero impact on the results. No manner of skill or luck or preparation plays a part in the racing at Daytona - just your track position when it happens. Yawn.