NASCAR Truck Race Ends With Max Papis Getting Hilariously Slapped

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NASCAR is supposed to be a "manly" sport (whatever that means), and the Truck racing even manlier, because trucks. So it's hilarious when the aftermath of a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race devolves into nothing but fighting, name-calling, and a wonderful little slapfest. C'mon kids.

It all began to fall apart on the last lap of the race today in Bowmanville, Ontario. Drivers Ty Dillon and Chase Elliott were battling for the lead on the last corner, when Dillon cut into Elliott, and Dillon went off spinning and Elliott claimed the win. A bad break for anybody, but then it repeated itself with Mike Skeen and Max Papis:


The crews for each team were Not Pleased, and were just itching for a fight. A crew member for Skeen actually came over and tried to grab Papis, who was still in his car, before being grabbed from behind and shoved out of the way. The real fight though, came between Papis and what appears to be the girlfriend (or wife) of Skeen. After Papis decided to talk a little smack on television, calling it an "amateur move," Skeen's representative came over to show him what's what with a can of open-handed whoopass, Jerry Springer-style:

Ha. Haha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Just look at Papis' face, with such dignity and grace. Beautiful, just really beautiful, you two. And if that really was Skeen's girlfriend/wife/significant other in any single way, he will never live that down. And it will be great.


Let's keep in mind, though, that this isn't Papis' first little slapping incident. A little while back Papis ran up and slapped Billy Johnson in the head (although Johnson was helmeted), before running away with a little nervous smile on his face:

I think the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is my new favorite.