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Racing USA's the self-proclaimed "most frequently shopped, independently owned Nascar store in the world." That's probably true considering Nascar's official store ain't so independently owned. But now the rubbin'-is-racin' store's gone and one-upped the "official store" by providing one helluva employee benefit given the ever-upwardly-moving price of gas. The company all about promoting the oval-track racers will now guarantee employees' gas at $2.85 per gallon when they come to work. Guess they'll still have to pay full price for gas for track days, but you know what else they get as a benefit? All the Nascar tchotchkes they can carry. Actually, we can't verify that — but the deal on gas ain't too shabby. Full press release below the jump.

Racing USA, Inc. Guarantees Employees' Gas at $2.85 per Gallon

Fast Track NASCAR Retailer Sets the Pace with a New Employee Benefit

Birmingham, Al. (PRWEB) March 11, 2008 — With gas prices approaching $3.25 a gallon and summer forecasts as high as $4.00 a gallon, David Carrington, president of Racing USA, Inc., announced earlier this morning that the company would guarantee that its employees would have to pay no more than $2.85 a gallon for gasoline to come to work.

According to Carrington, "ever increasing gas prices are eroding our associates' purchasing power. By guaranteeing the amount of money they have to spend for gasoline coming to and from our corporate office, we're taking one inflationary pressure out of the equation."

Becky Aaron, who commutes more than 100 miles a day to her job at Racing USA, was ecstatic. "I love my job, but must admit that the cost of gasoline was taking a huge dent in my budget. This benefit creatively eliminates one of my worries."

Racing USA, Inc. ( is the most frequently-shopped, independently owned NASCAR store in the world. From its 10,000 square foot corporate headquarters just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, Racing USA's staff of professionals ship thousands of packages each month to loyal NASCAR fans throughout the United States.

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