Nascar Has Gone To Hypercolor With ESPN's New "Draft Track" Technology

In case you're watching the Allstate 400 race at the Brickyard today on ESPN, don't be scared if for some reason it seems like your TV's gone the way of an old hypercolor t-shirt. Rather, it's a new teevee technology the folks at ESPN are calling "Draft Track" — and it's a way to see how the air is flowing over the top of the cars in situations where the drivers are drafting off the car in front of them. So don't worry, those mushrooms on your pizza are in no way magic. Well, probably they aren't.



@Turboner: Sorry, I was a bit sensitive. It's just that I'm a liberal, and even a blue-stater. Do you realize what a tortured life I've selected? Every time I watch a race I have to have the same old "Why do you watch NASCAR? It's lame/boring/hick/trash/etc." conversation with someone.

Americans have singular taste in motorsports? What about fine events like drag racing, monster trucks, tractor pulls, and demo derbies.

Personally, I like tons of motorsports, including rally. No use for F1 though, sorry. I tried, but I couldn't find any Fusions or Chargers on the track. More accurately, I couldn't even find it on TV at all.