NASCAR Driver Hasn't Forgotten About His Former Teammate Calling Him A Spoon-Fed Rich Kid

While running in front of Chase driver Kevin Harvick in the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, Austin Dillon wound up in the wall. The wreck, Dillon said, was because Harvick wasn’t happy about a “silver-spoon kid” outrunning him. But it sounds like Dillon’s still mad about an insult from three years ago.


Brian Scott and Casey Mears wrecked behind Dillon, and Dillon had quite the sassy interview after it all went down:

The whole “silver spoon” thing Dillon referred to started more than three years back, when Fox Sports reports that Harvick had some flattering words for Dillon after a wreck at Martinsville Speedway. At the time, Harvick and Dillon were teammates—yes, teammates—at Richard Childress Racing. Team owner Childress is Dillon’s grandfather.

From Fox Sports:

“The (No.) 3 just dumped me,” Harvick said. “(That’s) exactly reason I’m leaving RCR, because you’ve got those kids coming up that have got no respect for what they do in this sport and they’ve had everything fed to them with a spoon...It’s just a shame you have to get taken out by some rich kid like that.”

Oh, by the way—that was a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race. Harvick was a full-time Sprint Cup Series competitor at the time, meaning he was over in the truck race for giggles.

What a wonderful rivalry this was. Good thing Dillon hasn’t forgotten about it.

Staff writer, Jalopnik



Yes, both Ty and Austin had a silver spoon. They don’t come from hard knocks backgrounds like Johnson or Harvick. But, these kids can drive. Plain and simple. I’m tired of hearing about hoe they’ve been handed everything. We’ve all been around motorsports long enough to know that a driver doesn’t stick around very long unless they have some skill. Austin has two championships, and clearly has something to prove to the guys who aren’t related to Childress. Are the Dillon’s as good as Larson, Blaney, Elliott, etc.? Probably not. But I’ve seen enough of these kids to know they can wheel a stock car at a variety of tracks.

 Also, Harv didn’t wreck the kid on purpose, there seemed to be some aero push from the 4 to the 3 causing the 3 to slid up and slow down, but i can see why Austin is pissed. He was running well and race driver’s have better memories than elephants.