NASCAR Debris Cautions In Texas Were Probably Caused By Taco Dribble

NASCAR doesn't always do the best job of explaining their debris cautions. Today's race at Texas Motor Speedway has a convenient Tex-Mex excuse for any yellow flags that get thrown. Pit lane commentator Michael Waltrip spilled a taco all over Denny Hamlin's car on the grid.


Waltrip was celebrating some of the more delightful parts of NASCAR's trip to Texas as he roamed the pits before the Duck Commander 500. He brought one of Danica Patrick's stuffed dogs along as a companion to hand out tasty treats from the local cuisine.

Patrick's totally right, though. That's definitely a purse. It's the best kind of purse, though: a purse full of tacos.

And c'mon, man, lettuce and tomato? That may be the more common pairing, but count me as a member of Team Onion and Cilantro. Chopped onions and cilantro for life. That's not even getting into the whole hard shell vs. soft shell debate, or worse yet: flour vs. corn. Just mentioning that one makes me want a delicious pile of warm, fresh flour tortillas. (Blah blah, corn is more authentic, don't care, corn disintegrates too easily even when double-tortilla'd and you know it.)


I'm just sayin'—if you're going to distribute the world's most ingenious culinary creation, go all out with it. Also, get some for yourself because tacos are good.

Either way, regardless of which side you're on in the taco vegetable/shell debate, we now have a convenient excuse for any debris cautions during this race: taco dribble. Bits and pieces of delicious taco. It's all Michael Waltrip's fault. That has to be it, right?


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