NASA Resorts To Washing Cars To Fund Space Exploration

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It seems like everyone wants to get to space these days. Even NASA, who had their budget slashed, wants back up in the sky. So how do rocket scientists fund space exploration? Probably the same way you would. A bake sale and car wash.

The Southwest Research Institute Planetary Science Directorate is the organizer behind the National Planetary Exploration Car Wash and Bake Sale. Breathe.

Aside from creating ridiculously long names, they participate in space missions, studying the universe, and develop instrumentation. Oh, and they cook up baked goods too. They're even launching an event cookbook on April 30, so expect something space-themed that requires vacuum packaging. Or maybe moon cheese and Sun Chips? The car wash and bake sale is set for June 9 across the nation with all proceeds going to the House and Senate Appropriations Committee.


Although the idea of a car wash may be titillating with brainy scientists cavorting around, here's a caveat: they're scientists. This is purely for the benefit of science and future generations. One day, you'll look back and tell your grandkids about how you got your clunker cleaned and funded a mission to Mars.

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