Back in high school, we had a friend named Bob. He sat behind us in German class. He worked at Taco Bell, but preferred to tell people, "I'm in the employment of Pepsico." One day, a customer walked up to the counter, saw his name and said, "Oh, it's you Bob." Our classmate Shannon Quinlan had a quirkily crushable JV cheerleader little sister. She also had a dad named Bob. Bob Quinlan had a sign in his garage that read, "No Parking Except for Bob." Basically, this Sentra SE-R spot took early '90s suburban Sacramento by storm. And frankly, when we're driving sports sedans, we still think to ourselves, "If we could afford a sports sedan, the world would belong to us — Bob."

SUPER FUTURE MODERN AMUSEMENT! 1968 Datsun Bluebird [Internal]


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