Naked Man In PT Cruiser Goes On Shooting Rampage

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The streets of East St. Louis were filled with screams and gunfire this morning as a naked man with an AK-47 went on a shooting rampage from behind the wheel of a stolen PT Cruiser Convertible.

Here's the time line of the shooting rampage in East St. Louis this morning, as constructed from various reports:

  • Naked man steals PT Cruiser, roughly 6:00 am, shoots woman driver in the leg and grazed her back.
  • Police arrive, while they're on the scene they get a report of a man shooting at random cars
  • A few minutes later someone holds up a garbage truck and demands a wallet, but the garbage truck driver wrestles the gun away. The man escapes, fully clothed.
  • The now-clothed naked man comes back, asking for the gun because it's not his gun.
  • Police show up and chase the clothed suspect in the PT Cruiser, who fires on them while trying to escape
  • Naked man crashes and escapes into the woods. Is eventually caught.

The woman who was shot is expected to be fine. The motive and name of the carjacker/shooter have yet to be released, but it's worth noting there was another carjacker with a notably similar modus operandi who struck St. Louis overnight Thursday into Friday.


Here's an informative map of map of what happened.

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