Naked man drives dump truck into a condo

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A Maine man wearing no clothes allegedly crashed his dump truck into the front of a condo this past week. According to the South Berwick police, Eli Hutchins, 24, of Lovell, Maine is accused of driving his dump truck into a condo after a night of partying with an acquaintance nearby degenerated into an argument.

Luckily no one was injured when Hutchins' 1994 Ford 1-ton dump truck crashed through the condo, although the truck ended up not far from the bedroom where the condo's resident and his 7 year old son was sleeping. According to police " "He drove away and had no bearing where the roads were. He was traveling over lawns, across back yards, not driving very fast, until he hit a building,"

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After the crash, the naked man approached the resident of the condo, whose name was not released, in a confrontational manner. According to police the resident "responded by hitting Hutchins twice in the head with a hammer" which subdued the man until help arrived.

Police are waiting for toxicology reports in order to determine what fueled the naked man's rampage. Hutchins is being charged with driving under the influence of drugs, two counts of assault and aggravated criminal mischief.

(Photo Credit: South Berwick Police Department via Seacoast Online)
[Seacoast Online]

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Hutchins left the bar that night after deciding it was impossible to get any more hammered. Little did he know.....