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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Mystery Website Reveals A Lincoln Continental Concept Is Coming

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of the things we dream about is the day Lincoln will get its balls back and return to the bold American style it used to offer. If this mysterious development website is any indication, we may not have to wait much longer. A new Lincoln Continental might be on the way.


Check out this link to an in-progress website titled “Introducing the New Lincoln Continental Concept Luxury Car. I’m sure it will go down within minutes of me posting this, but it appears to preview a new Continental concept we’ll see at next week's New York Auto Show. The link showed up over at the Blue Oval Forums earlier today.

We couldn’t find any photos or assets, except this wall of text:

This is the new elegantly styled and boldly distinctive Lincoln Continental Concept. It represents who we are as a carmaker. It’s a culmination of learning, engineering, and envisioning what’s to come. In conceiving it, we left nothing unturned. No question went unanswered. No answer went unchallenged. In designing it, we unearthed the simple truth that elegant design can elicit highly emotive connections.

The Lincoln Continental Concept is everything we know about cars, and everything we understand about people. And when you bring the two together, you understand why they should never really be apart.


That’s a lot of marketing speak and not much else, but Lincoln has been heavy on the marketing speak lately so it’s not surprising. But the return of the Continental name is, as is the fact that it could appear as a 2017 model, as one of the forum-goers points out.

The Continental nameplate was discontinued in 2002, by which time it had become a cushy but bloated front-driver. That same year the Continental name was used for a concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show. That car had retro styling, suicide doors, a 412 horsepower V12 and enough luxury accoutrements inside to make it convincing as an American S-Class. It was met with an extremely positive reception, but sadly never saw production.

What could this new Continental be? A replacement for the MKS? A new halo car of some sort? Could it finally have the rear-wheel drive setup with V8 and EcoBoost power like we’ve been begging for?


I hope so. We’re rooting for you, Lincoln. My Mad Men suit and pack of cigarettes are ready when you are.

Hat tip to Scott!