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This weekend, the Virginia Motorsports Park wasn't used for racing, but rather to host thousands of people whose idea of fun is running away from stampeding bulls. Oh, and a drone crashed into the stands, injuring at least four people.

To make things even stranger, no one is really sure who owns the drone, as DCist reports. Check out their site for video of the incident.


The crash happened mid-Saturday during the Great Bull Run, a festival of music and food that also includes people getting chased by bulls. (I'll stick to car racing, thank you very much.) The drone piled into the crowd and gave four or five people minor injuries.

The Washington Post initially reported the drone belonged to TV station WTVR-Channel 6, but they later denied the drone was theirs. So who does the drone belong to, and who was piloting it? Local sheriff's officials say they don't know either.

Drones, man. Gotta watch out for 'em.

Update: The Verge reports the drone was owned by a production company hired by the event's operator to record promotional footage of the run. Its battery died in mid-flight. Mystery solved!

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