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This is like that time I saw the perfect pair of suede boots but didn’t buy them because I lack the closet space. Except instead of boots, it’s a first-generation Dodge Viper, and rather than lack of space, now it’s a lack of money. Booooo.

I’ve made no secret of my love of the first-gen Viper on this site. No airbags. No traction control. No roof. No worries. And now there’s one for sale in Pasadena that’s probably as close to damn-perfect as anyone is going to get.


Matt D’Andria, who co-hosts the CarCast and Shift & Steer podcasts, has listed the car on his Facebook page for a friend. I didn’t know this, but apparently only 285 Vipers were made in its 1992 production run. This red one here is the 35th one built and only has 12,000 miles on the clock.

From the photos, it looks to be in tip-top condition. D’Andria says that the owner had a Viper specialist (a job I can only hope to have one day) go through it to make sure everything was good. It was an $8,000 job. They have the canvas top, records, receipts—everything.

The price: $50,000. Now, that might seem high. But a casual jaunt through Autotrader pulled up other 1992 Vipers going for at least $70,000. Yes, this one in Pasadena has more miles, but someone’s checked it over with a fine-tooth comb.

I have neither the space nor the funds for this beautiful bastard, but if you do, you should buy it and let me drive it. Those interested are encouraged to direct message D’Andria.



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