Mustang—Wait, Sorry, It Was Actually A Viper—Crashes At Cars And Coffee

Another weekend, another crash at a Cars and Coffee event. We were lucky this time, with no apparent injuries as the car narrowly avoided a crowd and spun into a tree instead. But it’s yet another sad, terrifying incident involving a Ford Must—*adjusts glasses*—oh wait, it was a Dodge Viper this time, actually.


A Dodge Viper! Not a Mustang. Well, what a refreshing change of pace this is. How delightful.

This explains the title of the video from Boosted America, which is “When Mustang drivers get their tax return”:

No word on what happened here exactly beyond the usual misadventures in oversteer, but the crash occurred outside Knoxville’s Cars and Coffee, and in my humble opinion provides a nice dash of diversity to the Cars and Coffee crashing world.


Stay safe out there, people. Easy on the throttle, Viper owners. And Mustang owners, I still have my eyes on you.

Hat tip to Nick!

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Admiral Asskicker

You know it wasn’t a Mustang because it turned away from the pedestrians.