Mustang EcoBoost Is A Terrible Name, Let's Come Up With A Better One

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Today we learned that the turbocharged four-banger 2015 Ford Mustang will be called the Mustang EcoBoost. Besides the people who work in Ford's marketing department, no one seems happy about this name. Let's make a better one.


There's a lot of problems with the name Mustang EcoBoost. It's too jargon-y, it's too wimpy for a muscle car, it makes the Mustang sound like a hybrid, it doesn't fit with the other turbo performance cars in the Ford lineup, and it doesn't suit what the turbo Mustang is apparently supposed to be: a high-strung, high-performance coupe with copious turbocharged power and glorious rear-wheel drive.

But enough criticism — it's time to do what Jalops do best, and that is help. Help with crazy, awesome, ultimately untenable ideas. I'll get things started:

-Mustang ST

-Mustang SVO

-Mustang 2.3T

-Mustang Turbo

-Mustang Turbo S


-Mustang PSI

-Mustang EcoSuck

-Mustang EcoBlarg

-Mustang FuelEconomyLOL

-Mustang WRX STI

-Mustang Lancer Evolution MR

-Mustang Omni GLH

-Mustang GTS-T

-Mustang 280ZX Turbo

See, Ford? Any of those would work better than Mustang EcoBoost. Just wait until you see what the Jalopnik commentariat comes up with. They probably haven't even been guzzling paint thinner all day like I have.


Raphael Orlove

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