Mustang Church Puts The Fun Back Into Fundamentalism

Scripture tells us to "do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God," though perhaps we can now add to that "burn rubber in a Mustang." Welcome to the Mustang Church of American and Museum, a church-cum-museum dedicated to saving the soul and evangelizing the Ford Mustang. The 7,000-square-foot facility near Franklin, Kansas is the dream of Mustang-fanatic and retired math teacher Charles Ales. When completed the facility will hold weekly services, Mustang blessings, car shows and swap meets. Said Ales, this is "the only church in the world dedicated to the Mustang car and Jesus Christ." Ales and his son are ordained by the Universal Ministries School of Theology, which is the same church that ordained one of my stoner pals from college for $5, making this church as legitimate as Joel Olsteen's Lakewood Church.

The sanctuary will include eight of Ales' own Mustangs, including a 1966 convertible, three Boss Stangs (including a rare 429) and four new Shelby Mustangs. it looks like loving cars has turned from a cult into a religion, meaning it may be time to change our tagline. For more photos and information surf over to []


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