Musk Says Auto-Pilot Could Handle 90 Percent Of Tesla Driving Next Year

We know Tesla is working on an auto-pilot system to bring some level of autonomous driving to its cars. And Elon Musk maintains that next year, Tesla cars will be able to handle 90 percent of the driving for you.


Speaking the CNN Money, Musk was asked about the feasibility of autonomous cars and how Tesla intends to go about it.

"A Tesla car next year will probably be 90 percent capable of auto pilot," Musk says. "So, 90 percent of your miles could be on auto. For sure highway travel."

Considering the amount of time we spend on straight expanses of road or stuck in traffic, this seems pretty feasible. And there's no doubt Tesla has plenty of driving data to show the majority of its owners spend a lot of time on freeways. When it will roll out that technology is up in the air, but maybe that's "something else" we'll be hearing about next week.


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