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Here’s my dilemma. At present I have owned my current car longer than I have ever owned a car in my 40 years of driving. It’s also the first car I have paid off (other than a couple crap cans I beat up when I was much younger). But I have an affliction. I’m a car guy and I’m always wanting something else every couple of years. Now for rich car guys, that’s not so much of a problem since they can afford things like storage space when they get too many for their garage. But I have a one car garage. At present it houses my 2007 335i and I haven’t had a new car for 6 whole years now. And I want one. Badly. In fact, right now, I’m thinking that I want a truck again. I don’t need one since I live in the suburbs. But I own my house and it’s convenient to have one.

The problem comes in that I don’t really need two cars and am considering selling the BMW before buying a TRD Pro but I don’t know if it will kill me to see that car go. I’m not getting any younger so I don’t know if the ticker can take it. Also, just adding the truck isn’t really an option. Again, I’m not getting younger and retirement is coming too soon for my wallet. So what do you think? Is it safe to say goodbye to the absolute best car I have ever owned and move on to a damn good truck?