A Couple Of Texans Racing In The Cold Up North Got The Jalopnik Bump

If there’s anyone who needs the Jalopnik bump for a race that will probably be cold, wet and miserable tomorrow, it’s a car driven by a pair of Texans. Look out for the Murillo Racing Cayman in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race this weekend at Watkins Glen.

Granted, it’s not cold yet, but tomorrow will probably be wet and nasty. In other words, the perfect weather for racing on an unforgiving circuit with close walls!


Combined with the unseasonable coolness, we should probably start gathering firewood now.


Unfortunately, the car driven by Eric Foss and Jeff Mosing hasn’t had the best run this weekend, struggling to get a 12th place start in the ST class in qualifying today.


Look at this orange beast, though. If it’s not quick, at least it looks good.


Caymans have become the car to have for many teams in ST class, so this one usually runs fast. They even thought to bring the orange duct tape. Clearly, pros at work.

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