"Multiplier" Mobile Parking Garage Is A Brilliant Idea

When you drove to watch fireworks this weekend and every parking space for blocks was taken, think about how much easier everything would have been if this concept were a reality. It's the Multiplier — a mobile, modular parking structure.

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Multiplier is the work of Art Center College student Julien Bilodeau and it's meant to solve, or at least relieve some of the pain associated with parking during very large public events. In essence, it's just a trailer, the crazy looking semi-tractor is superfluous in the grand scheme of things, but that trailer is designed to double on-site parking for a given area. It's a simple enough idea, design modular trailers which can be linked together to create a stacked superstructure cars can park on. It may be a bit tricky getting in the door, and we're always nervous in parking structures of other knuckleheads dinging our doors in tight spaces anyway, but this is a pretty slick idea nonetheless. [CarBodyDesign]


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