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There's General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, stepping from a Chevrolet Malibu hybrid last night at his hotel in Washington to the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi after driving from Detroit to testify at Congressional hearings for an auto industry not-a-bailout. If the not-so-Big Three automakers have learned anything since their last trip to Washington, it's the old way of doing business just won't fly. So the decision by auto executives to travel in hybrid cars rather than corporate jets is just the start to overhauling their image as the industry pleads its case for more than $25 billion in federal loans.


The next step? Heading over to a 9:30 AM rally at the corner of Delaware Ave. and C street just outside the Russell Senate Building and the 10:00 AM Senate hearing. To get there from his hotel? He'll be driving a Volt mule. Seriously.

[via Breitbart, GM-Volt]

[Photo Credit: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert]


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