Mr. Barris Goes to Monte Carlo

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George Barris is a funny little man. Back when he was in high school at San Juan, he and his brother would clamber into their hopped-up jalopy and drive down from out in Citrus Heights (which was completely the sticks back in the 1940s) and cruise down to McClatchy High in Sacramento, because, in Barris' words, "McClatchy had the best-looking girls." Later on, Barris built the Sidewinder, and if you couldn't cruise a high school in this bad boy and pull some tail back in '76, man, you weren't even trying. It's up for bids at Bonhams' Les Grandes Marques a Monaco in Monte Carlo this weekend. [Thanks to the Mighty Thor for the Mighty Tip.]

1975 George Barris 'Sidewinder' Buick V8-Engined Motor Tricycle [Bonhams]

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