Move to Detroit if you want a job

One bright spot in the jobs picture appears to be the auto industry. Americans are buying more cars, and carmakers are putting more people back on the assembly line. Oh, except there aren't many assembly lines in Detroit anymore. D'oh!

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I predict that in ten years' time, Detroit will once again be vibrant city.

You never want to see anything come crashing down the way Detroit did, but by the same token, if it had to happen, there are certain hidden benefits. Detroit is once again a virtually blank canvas in terms of culture, and younger generations are starting to rebuild Detroit's culture anew. Jalopnik has highlighted instances of that happening. In fact, two of Jalopnik's former contributors, Ben and Andy, are putting up some incredible efforts to rebuild whatever they can. After seeing what they were doing through Jalopnik's posts, I cannot tell you how impressed I was. Once upon a time, we lead by setting an example to the world, rather than by spouting useless rhetoric or throwing our weight around. Ben and Andy are taking that to heart. As two individuals, there's not a whole lot they can physically do to rebuild the city and its culture. But as two individuals that are doing what they can and leading by example, they have had a remarkable influence from what I can tell. With guys like that, I can tell right now: Detroit isn't dead. Far from it. It's hurting pretty bad, but as long as there are people willing to care and provide an honest example, it will rise again.

Quite honestly, if my life circumstances were just a little different, I would move to Detroit just to be a part of that and make my own contribution to the re-build of Detroit and its culture.