Everyone has their own way of dealing with unruly drivers on the roads. Some start tailgating and honking. Others make a point to tell the other drive that they're "number one." Many just take a zen approach.

And then there's the select few that keep a sidewinder missile mounted on their vehicle. Y'know, just in case.


This Denver-area bucket truck was seen with a sidewinder missile just casually hanging out on the side of the vehicle. It's not ostentatiously sticking out from the side to be intimidating or hidden away to be a secret weapon.

It's just kind of sitting on top, as if to politely suggest that people avoid messing around with this truck.

Also, good thing the truck has an on-board fire extinguisher. For those times when the missile, ummm, starts fires and causes fiery death.

(Hat tip to Buggalo77!)

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