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Motorist impaled by pole through head survives

Illustration for article titled Motorist impaled by pole through head survives

After Andrew Linn fell asleep at the wheel during a Thanksgiving visit to Las Vegas last year, he drove into a yard and through a chain-link fence, forcing a pole through the windshield of his car. Emergency responders said Linn was conscious when they arrived, and was even trying to use his cell phone to call for help — which was surprising, considering he had a pole through his head. That's his X-ray.


That's right, the pole had entered his face and was coming out through the back of his head.

"It was amazing to see someone with a pipe through his face like that (who) is alive," Dr. Jay Coates said Tuesday. "Let alone someone who is awake and alert, and trying to communicate with us."


Once the pipe was removed, Linn was left with scars, missing teeth and a destroyed palate. But he said he's grateful for his doctors, who he said pulled off a miracle.

"It's a real humbling experience," he said. "To think I lived through this. I should have died."

Here's video. Don't mind us, we're just going to be sick now.

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Reminds me of Phineas Gage who had a 13 pound rod pass through his head in a railroad blasting accident in 1848... he lived for 12 years but suffered a huge personality change