Motorcyclist Doesn't Seem To Like Being Passed By A Bicycle

It’s impressive to see a guy on a bicycle hustling hard enough to catch and keep up with motorcycles. Even if it is downhill. But it looks like the (motor)biker here didn’t appreciate it. That or he’s just terrible at keeping control of his bike.

Just a couple folks carving it up for the first 25 seconds or so, then this dude absolutely crushing it on his pedal pike scoops the inside of the turn and smokes what looks like a Kawasaki Z800 and KTM supermoto.


Seems like a hilarious but harmless situation until the motorbike and bicycle start some kind of aggressive mating ritual, weaving all over the road and pushing each other into the wrong lane. Can’t really tell if they’re trying to mess with each other or are just practicing bad manners and bike control.

Commenters on the Biker Brotherhood Facebook page, where this video appears, all seem to be Team Bicycle. I think our motorbiker here lost whatever potential pity from the rest of the community when he strayed into that curvy road’s oncoming lane.


Hat tip to Chris!

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