Motorcycle Rider Has An Extremely Close Call With An FJ Cruiser On The Wrong Side Of The Road

If you're gonna engage in some high-speed vehicular fun, it helps to have excellent reflexes. This motorcycle rider is probably glad he did after he narrowly avoided getting killed by an FJ Cruiser who was on the wrong side of the road.

This scene took place during a sunny day out on California's Glendora Mountain Road. We see the motorcycle going hard around the corners but staying in his lane and not being terribly reckless, when all of a sudden he sees the Toyota appear from around the bend and head straight toward him.


Luckily the rider managed to dodge him in time, either through a combination of skill or luck or most likely both.

A video has also surfaced that appears to be from the FJ Crusier driver. The description says it's since been pulled down from its original page, but we see just how close the driver came to hitting the rider. It looks like he was trying to pass some skateboarders, but why the hell would he do that right before a blind curve?

Crazy. Just plain crazy.

Hat tip to Eric Shelton on Facebook!

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