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With Chevrolet's Nomad concept car likely never to see the daylight of production, we turn our fleeting attention span to history. The original Corvette Nomad concept, shown as part of GM's 1954 Motorama, is up for sale. With a fascia styled to resemble the 1956 Corvette, the Nomad hearkened Chevrolet's two-door wagon of the same name, which was introduced in 1955. But while the production Nomad was built on a Bel Air chassis, the show car was Corvette based — one of two 'Vette concepts GM showed that year at New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel. No word on price, but we'd say bring a pair of sunglasses (oh, the brightwork) and the AMEX Centurion, but leave the wife at home. [Thanks to Josh for the tip.] [UPDATE: It's a reproduction. The original was based on the '54 Corvette. Thanks to Htrodblder for the legwork.]

1956 Corvette Nomad [Corvette World Dallas]

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