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Motor Trend Blogger Attacks Blogosphere, Hits Self

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Todd Lassa, the self-proclaimed "Motor City Blogman" over at Motor Trend's blog, took a moment out of his busy schedule yesterday to provide some much-needed commentary on the state of the automotive blogosphere. Lassa, who appears to consider blogging to be defined as running print articles on something he calls a "blog," takes a few quick and dirty pot-shots at the automotive blogosphere. We'll be providing further commentary shortly on some of his specific attacks — mostly because we're too busy laughing at two of his comments to do much writing. The first is that in an attempt to get to his pummeling of the blogosphere (how meta is that?) he glosses over the problem that the Mulally-Bush story was started by an icon of the mainstream media, The Detroit News. The second, is that he attacks trained journalists for "chasing bloggers' stories." Seems to us like maybe his problem's with the mainstream media and not the blogosphere — but whatevs, he's just a "Blogman" anyway, what does he know?


How many bloggers does it take to plug in a president? [Motor Trend Blog]

Detroit News Tells Tall Tale On Bush, Blames Blogs [internal]

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Mike Spinelli

@grzydj: Oh grzydj, me bet you say this to awl the pirogis!