Motor City Mitt Leading Among Auto Execs

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Those involved in the automotive industry, known for having a firm grasp on the future, have backed Mitt Romney nearly 2-to-1 in donations compared with other Republicans and Democrats. This is no surprise, as Mitt Romney's dad, George Romney, was the former head of American Motors and governor of Michigan (two enterprises that have really prospered over the last four decades). Giuliani came in second with $228,000, and McCain third with $151,000. On the Democratic side, Clinton beat Obama $123,000 to $112,000.

Individual donors that stand out include GM CEO Rick Wagoner, who gave to Romney, and Roger Penske of Penske Corp., who gave to Giuliani. The good thing for all involved is that, after the primaries, everyone can make sure their company gives enough to the remaining candidates to make sure no one feels left out. [Automotive News]

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Ash78, voting early and often

To be fair, Penske's donation did include loaning numerous rental trucks to help Giuliani get his campaign back home from FL.