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Think back to August, 1909. You just caught a clown act at the Hippodrome, went for a boysenberry phosphate at Spunk's Unguents and Ointments and nearly got flattened by a runaway fish cart. Meanwhile, in Indianapolis, a motorcycle race just became the first motorized event at the new speedway. Ninety-nine years later, the MotoGP will stop at the brickyard, commemorating the original event, in 2008. The exploits of Nicky Hayden, Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi, et al will replace the US Grand Prix, sunk when Bernie Ecclestone put Tony George's walnuts in a vice and started cracking. IMS track president Joie Chitwood made the announcement yesterday, that the MotoGP will be held on the speedway's 2.66-mile road course, which will be modified with extra turns for the two-wheelers. [via]

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