Moto2 Rider Turns Circuit Of The Americas' Esses Into A Slip'N Slide

Rider Xavier Simeon collided with Johann Xarco’s bike in the Moto2 race today, showing us one of the great perils of motorcycle racing: sometimes you become a speedbump.


Simeon was ejected from his bike after he turned into the back of Xarco’s bike, forcing the rider behind him to dart over to avoid running into him. He slid along for a good while and it’s extremely lucky that only one dude had to dodge over to avoid hitting him.

Either way, it’s about the worst case of thread-the-needle I’ve seen in a long time, not to mention an epic save on the part of the rider behind him. Thread the needle with your butt—between your own motorcycle and the guy behind you.


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So did his bike end up winning? (much better power to weight ratio and all...)