Most Popular DIY Corvette Mods Resemble Pep Boys Specials

Corvetteblogger has put together a list of the top five appearance modifications according to Eckler's Corvette Parts, and to us, it reads like a who's who of who cares modifications. Perhaps the Vette just has a shape too good for serious modification, or that its owners think just a little more chrome is in order, but the mods mostly center around adding the shiny stuff. The comprehensive list below the fold.

In no particular order:

  • Corvette Side Fender Styling Grilles, Perforated, Stainless Steel — $49.99 per pair
  • Corvette Waterfall Emblem, Convertible — $64.99
  • Corvette Rear Cargo Shade, With Embroidered C6 Logo — $79.99
  • Corvette Grille, Polished Billet Aluminum — $159.99
  • Corvette Rear Bumper Letter Set — $64.99 a set

Now, maybe we're just uncouth speed freaks, but for our dollar you wouldn't find us tacking these bits to our Vette. There's urethane bushings, cold air intakes, performance chips and all manner of what-have-you we'd be after well ahead of buying anything to upgrade the outside. Shoot, we see no reason to upgrade the outside anyway — well, unless we're talking hood windows. That's a whole 'nother story, though. [CorvetteBlogger]


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