Most Colorado Thing Ever: $40 And Half A Blunt Left In Apologies For Scratch On Car

Screencap credit 9NEWS.

What do you do if you’ve inadvertently scratched someone’s rear bumper when they aren’t around? In New York City, you, uh, do nothing. In Denver, I guess, you leave a half-smoked joint.

Or at least that’s what Mandi Shepard got after she found her rear bumper scratched after getting off work on Sunday, according to 9NEWS. The weed came with $40 in cash and a note, charmingly misspelled.


“Hey I am very sorry truley. I am such a dumbass. Please forgive me. Sorry 4 the scratch man,” the note read.

Shepard told 9NEWS that she’s not a smoker though, since she’s a runner.

I’m just going to suggest here that you can be both.

H/t $kaycog

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