Most Breakingest News Ever! 'Top Gear' Returns Sunday!

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That's right folks, the immortal trilogy of "The Hamster," "Captain Slow" and of course, Jeremy, are back Sunday on the Beeb Two at 8 PM GMT — so that means bootleg YouTube versions'll be up at oh...6 PM EST. And that's why we totally love time zones, cause even if they get it earlier — it still feel's like we get it first. But regardless of when you see it, BBC's got an awesome little picture gallery of scenes, guests and in-cockpit hoonage which we've lovingly reproduced here. Also, after the jump — we've got a quick vid of the Stig with some special tires — turning a burnout into, well — a red burnout. We'll be dropping more Top Gear classic hoonage throughout the weekend in celebration of the return of the bestest automotive show to ever grace the airwaves — so keep refreshin' here or checkin' our Top Gear mini-page or the RSS feed for more power throughout the weekend.


Top Gear on BBC Two [BBC]

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