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Morgan, maker of fine, hand-built sports cars, will bring a limited series of 82 two-seat Roadster models to the US later this year. Just as when they were introduced in 1960, the Roadsters ride on en frames โ€” which may or may not be fashioned by a secret team of elves and ex-keyboardists from 1970s British heavy-metal acts. Despite underpinnings of ash, the cars are powered by 225hp, 3.0-liter V6s lifted from Ford's European Mondeo. As per US standardization, they've got airbags, along with leather upholstery and walnut dashboard. Plus, a built-in time machine can transport drivers back to the glory days of British motoring. At $73,500, plus shipping, it's a bargain, if just for the working. [Update: For clarification's sake โ€” and so not to overstate the wood-to-steel proportion in the Morgan's makeup โ€” it's got ash frame and a steel chassis. Thanks, Jack.]

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