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Thanks to reader David, we now know that the Camino was truly invented in Australia as a way for farmers' wives to have a ride they could feel good about when Aussie bankers weren't handing out two-car loans. And it was invented by Ford. But we're not gonna start appending 'Chero to anything that doesn't feature a Blue Oval. Sorry, Bill. We came up on the ElCo and that's where our allegiances lie. But if we had the cash, we would sell out and drive this all day, every day. It's a '71 Valiant Wayfarer from Oz (appropriately enough painted the shade of at least one of the Emerald City's facets) and it's got a 245-inch hemi six. We covet, covet, covet this car, er, truckcar. [Thanks to Bumbeck for the heads-up.]

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