Any of us who are passionate about music and cars can relate to this, no matter what our choice in vehicles or taste in music is. Bombing around in one's beloved automobile, favorite song cranked high, hitting apexes, rocking out, rolling slow on the cruise with the music blaring in a generally-futile attempt to run across a girl who'll think "Oh wow! Yes! The Meatmen! I'm getting in that guy's car right now!" In my early twenties, that music was often brilliant DC post-hardcore unit Jawbox. Their singer, J. Robbins, is one of the most fascinating guys I've interviewed in my ten-year history of interviewing people. And I'll never forget the evening after the show at Bottom of the Hill with my ex-fianc , driving out to the Sutro Baths in her Texas-plated, Hardbody-based Pathfinder with Elvis Costello's "Alison" on the stereo. J.'s aim has always been true, and he and his wife Janet have a big problem on their hands. Their infant son, Callum, is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and they have shitty health insurance. Robbins has dedicated his life to the cause, both made and shepherded some amazing music, and soundtracked some of my most amazing, touching drives.

So if you can spare a dime, some change to hopefully make a change; to buy some time, please head over to the DeSoto Records site and donate to the fund that his ex-bandmates Bill Barbot and Kim Coletta have set up. Bill and Kim were always very patient and cool to me when I was a dorky teenager wanting advice on amplifiers and critiques on my writing. Yes, it's a bit off-topic for tha Jalop, but seeing as both Bumbeck and I ended up at tha Jalop via Gearhead, and Gearhead founder Mike LaVella drove Robbins' pre-Jawbox band Government Issue around prior to the mag's founding, one can always rationalize it as a donation to the pre-blog history of one of the sites in your RSS feed. Besides, it's the holiday season. Meanwhile, watch the video for Savory. It's really quite good.

This is Callum Robbins. He Needs Your Help [DeSoto Records]

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