More Proof The 2015 Mustang Will Have An Independent Rear Suspension

This photo, courtesy of Autospotters, is allegedly a 2015 Ford Mustang test mule with 2013 Mustang skin that shows what everyone's expecting from the next generation 'Stang: An Independent Rear Suspension.

We just received these images from a source close to Autospotters who says they're of a vehicle being worked on by a company that's been closely involved with Ford and the Mustang in the past. Specifically, the image below shows those delectable lower control arms peeking out.


While it's wrapped up in the body of a 2013 Mustang, we've been told it's actually a 2015 Mustang and it appears to match up with this vehicle shown in Car & Driver. The other sign pointing towards it being a development mule, besides its location and visual similarity to the vehicle captured by KGP Photography is the manufacturer's plate.

This just works as probably another form of confirmation for what we all know: The next Mustang is 100% getting an Independent Rear Suspension after an entire life with a Solid Rear Axle (but for a tiny period of IRS time with the Cobra).

Dropping the old suspension setup is a big deal for the brand and for fans of the car and, most importantly, for the critics who like to spurn the car for its "truck axle."


Notice anything else interesting in this photo?

Photo Credit: Autospotters

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