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Ahead of a formal announcement expected at this year's Frankfurt motor show, information about Porsche's Panamera four-door coupe is beginning to trickle from Stuttgart like dropped TCP/IP packets from the H chstleistungsrechenzentrum. (Yes, Hans, we do German supercomputer humor.) Edmunds Inside Line reports on a Der Spiegel article indicating Porsche's new model will share a platform with the Cayenne. The body will be built by auto production outsourcer, MagnaSteyr of Austria, and the final product will be assembled alongside the Cayenne at Porsche's Leipzig, Germany, plant.

It'll be powered by Cayenne's 4.5-liter V8 (turbo edition too), though an ultra-performance model will get a detuned version of the Carrera GT's 5.7-liter V10. Word is, Porsche is pushing the Panamera's production date up to late-2007, from 2009 as it had originally indicated, and a concept will debut in Frankfurt later this year.

Porsche's Four-Door Panamera to Share Factory and Powertrain Wwith Cayenne [Edmunds]

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